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Home Office

All Home Office - Style That Also Works

How does your family use the home office? Do you work from home, spending the majority of your weekdays propped in front of the computer? Or maybe you simply use the space for paying bills and filing household documents? No matter how it’s used, the home office requires furniture and decor that works hard so you can perform a job well done.

When furnishing your home office, start by selecting the cornerstone of the room: the desk. If you have an abundance of files and supplies, look for desks with plenty of storage. If you prefer a tidy look or you sometimes require lots of counter space, a dropdown keyboard tray is your friend. Also look for desks that have built-in cord management systems to prevent an unsightly tangle of wires and cables.

Home office storage doesn't have to stop at the desk. Bookcases are ideal for displaying resource materials (obviously) but they’re also great for storing excess office supplies and other odds and ends. Simply place the miscellaneous items in storage boxes or baskets for a nice, clean look.

Now for somewhere to sit. Choosing the perfect office chair completely boils down to your unique preferences. Do you prefer chairs with ultra-padded seats, or is a supportive back cushion more important? Would you rather have a swivel chair on casters, or are you most comfortable in stationary chairs?

When selecting your home office furniture, keep in mind that the pieces should be as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical. Desks, chairs, bookcases and even filing cabinets are available in a variety of styles and designs. Whether you prefer contemporary, industrial, traditional or vintage decor, you’re sure to find home office furniture that suits your taste and helps you get the job done in style.

Need more inspiration? Look no further than the home office inspiration articles on our blog. You’ll find tips and tricks for transforming your house into a stylish home.